Armor & Protective Systems

Composite Armor - While composite armor has been around for many years there are significant challenges to outfitting protective systems for personnel, manned aircraft and UAV's. Because the weight of composite armor still restricts its application, GTS is developing lighter weight, more ballisticly resistant armor. Testing conducted in July 2014 achieved objective requirements. Our unique lightweight structural armor combines the defeat capabilities of advanced ceramic tiles with a proprietary composite hybrid laminate system, producing extremely damage tolerant light weight armor. Our goal is to develop material systems that can function as light weight primary structural material while at the same time providing multi hit level three to beyond level 4 protection depending on the customer's application requirements and ultimate weight bogey. This unique armor system can withstand high structural loading and dynamic shock without damaging its armor protection level. Recent testing has demonstrated successful results against the Russian 7.62 x 54R steel core ammunition.  These panels have a 12 lb/ft2 aerial weight and material strengths in tension and compression in excess of 150 KSI. We are still optimizing these systems and believe we may be able to reduce the overall weight to approximately 10 lbs.
Specific applications for human, UAV and aircraft systems are in design.