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Common Processing System

The Common Processing System (CPS - AN/UYQ-107) - CPS is an adaptable, modular and scalable computing enclosure developed by GTS for NAVSEA to support AEGIS modernization and other Program Acquisition Resource Manager's (PARM's) computing requirements. CPS provides COTS refresh in a fully Open Architecture computing environment (OACE) to achieve robust and cost-effective processing for 'Mission Critical' shipboard combat systems. CPS began deployment in 2012 aboard US Navy DDGs, CGs, and CVNs.

An innovative approach to shock and vibration isolation enables CPS to qualify Grade A Mission Critical requirements while populated with (unhardened) COTS hardware. The CPS cabinet, called the Advanced COTS Enclosure (ACE) is available separately to host other mission critical computing applications. CPS's combination of easily updatable advanced commercial computing, adaptable power and cooling and ability to provide cabinet CG characterization

For further details please see our CPS/ACE product brochure link below.