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AN/APS-151 Airborne Surveillance Radar

GTS created leading edge airborne surveillance radar technology ' the AN/APS-151 Radar ' an all-weather, day/night Plan Position Indictor radar for maritime and land-based operations.

The AN/APS-151, featuring PPI (Plan Position Indicator) operations with "track while scan" capabilities and clutter rejection at ranges of up to 200nmi, can be simply installed in fixed and rotary wing UAVs and manned aircraft. Combined with open architecture hardware, GTS's software-based surveillance radar incorporates advances in signal processing in a low-cost system solution.

The AN/APS-151 Radar is customizable to customers' specific applications and capable of full integration with aircraft systems or independent operation with displays and data recorders. AN/APS-151 accommodates a variety of customer-driven configuration options including mounting options and interfaces, Integrated user interface and display monitors, Ethernet interfaces for data and control, Data recorders and GPS/INS.