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Advanced COTS Enclosure

Advanced COTS Enclosure (CY-8950/UYQ Cabinet, Electrical Equipment)

Universal Installation - Unique 'Coil Over' Design - Floating Construction CPS Housing

Advanced COTS Enclosure (ACE) houses GTS's ship-board Common Processing Units. Our ACE is designed for universal installation aboard multiple platforms to support successive generations of combat system computing and data storage requirements

ACE features scalable water- or air-cooled thermal management systems for internal cooling and has an input power system customizable to a variety of power requirements. COTS are accessible via a single-throw latched, left or right opening door. Our ACE is hatchable allowing installation without ship alteration.

GTS's distinctive 'coil over' design, custom-designed sway mounts and 'floating' inner rack allowed our ACE to successfully pass numerous military battle simulation tests including MIL-STD 901D Grade A Shock testing.

With a flexible configuration, low cost installation in existing spaces, effortless maintenance and rugged construction, ACE solves the critical challenges associated with operating COTS technology in a DoD mission-critical environment