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TriCore Signal Processor

High speed data acquisition and data processing in a compact form factor describes TriCore FPGA Signal Processor, an exclusive technology from Global Technical Systems (GTS). The TriCore FPGA Signal Processor converts analog input to digital, performs high speed signal processing within the hardware, and outputs data in analog or digital form. The FPGA complex featuring multiple Xilinx Virtex FPGAs, > 100,000 FPGA logic elements, > 200MHz processing and 12.8Gbps FPGA-FPGA interfaces, is proficient in performing FFTs, math co-processing (CORDIC, floating point), filtering and waveform synthesis.

The TriCore FPGA Signal Processor has been applied in radar and image processing applications and displays potential in other applications include data mining and DSP co-processing. Boards are adaptable to customer needs through GTS packaging and component population options and the TriCore FPGA Signal Processor is available to our clients in standalone or double-size PMC form factors.