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GTS Trusted Computers

Decision dominance is now possible.

Increased compute density empowering government/commercial critical infrastructures in order to decrease the SWaP of their datacenters, HPC, and clustered systems, such that distributed computing architectures are enabled.

Information Dominance is the superiority in the generation, manipulation, and use of information sufficient to afford its possessors military dominance (Quote: Defense Technical Information Center). It requires the ability to effectively collect, process, and store data at rates and volumes that have been too difficult to achieve, until now.

The GTS line of High-Performance Computers (HPC) to not only perform these functions, but to do so in smaller footprints, wherever they may be required, while reducing the power consumption and real-estate to run these critical workloads, ultimately making both information and decision dominance possible.

The systems are capable of ingesting large volumes of structured and/or unstructured data through fast and efficient low latency I/O while analyzing in near real-time with low latency highly parallelized processors.

The GTS' Trusted Computer's ability to handle a significant amount of traffic enables it to support advanced technologies, such as edge computing analytics, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence workloads.