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Flywheel Energy Storage

Flywheel Energy Storage - One of the key challenges in implementing renewable energy systems on a large scale is efficient integration of power from renewable sources into the grid on a scale that matches their production capacity and schedule. Many energy storage capabilities are being explored currently, and one of the most promising is "Flywheel Battery" technologies.

GTS scientists have developed a better engineered composite flywheel rotor design based on the application of advanced composites within the flywheel and housing. Our approach increases strength, rigidity and improves high speed performance. We have incorporated fiber wound rotor fabrication techniques to maximize specific energy, energy density and power density. Composite materials properties maximize specific strength, rotor survivability and operational life while axial permanent magnetic motor generators and passive magnetic bearings provide levitation and extremely low parasitic loss, with no active control or cooling required.

When incorporated in a mass storage area smaller than half a football field, using 20 (500 kWhr) underground vessels, GTS's design supports implementation of a 10 Mega Watt Hour Storage Facility. These GTS developments have tremendous potential to support effective and efficient proliferation of large scale solar, wind and other renewable energy production facilities.

GTS continues to research opportunities within DoD applications, for the Composite Flywheel Energy Storage system as well.