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Noel Mitchell

Cybersecurity Manager / ISSM

Noel Mitchell is a Cyber Security Professional with over 10 years of experience and expertise in designing, implementing and assessing network security infrastructures. As the Information System Security Officer and Systems Engineer at GTS, he is responsible for ensuring that all systems meet mandatory standards for nonfederal systems and follow industry best practices. Other responsibilities include conducting investigations of information system, security violations and incidents, providing guidance to those violations and implementing strategies and opportunities across the organization to promote growth.

Noel received his Associate of Science for Computer Science at Tidewater Community College and went on to receive his Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. He has been certified in several programs regarding cybersecurity to include CISSP, CCNA and CompTIA Security. He is on the COVA CCI Research Committee and l helps to facilitate their goal of securing the nation’s critical infrastructure and strengthening Virginia’s economy through the commercialization of findings from cutting-edge cybersecurity research focused on the maritime, defense, and transportation industries.

Noel joined the GTS team in 2019 and is a strong advocate for cybersecurity awareness training and early cybersecurity education.  When he is not managing information security architecture, operational planning and risk remediation activities, you may find him hiking the Appalachian Trail in Northern Virginia, motorcycle riding, cooking or traveling.