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Scott E. Groves, Ph.D.

Director for Advanced Composite Applications

Dr. Scott Groves is the Director for Advanced Composite Applications for GTS.  He is responsible for the development of state-of-the-art composite design, prototyping, and manufacturing capabilities to support advanced composite munitions, UAS, and armor. He is most notably recognized for composite flywheel energy storage systems. Scott is an Aeronautical Engineer and a SME in Carbon Fiber Composites, with over 39 years of experience in advanced composite structures.


Scott’s expertise spans advanced conventional munitions, armor, high energy containment systems, electrical/mechanical energy storage, explosives, failure analysis, material testing, reliability assessment, accelerated aging, aircraft design, and advanced fabrication. His techniques including filament winding and resin transfer molding. 

Prior to joining GTS, Scott had the great fortune to work 25 years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (1986 – 2011) designing, fabricating, and testing extreme composite structures (including composite flywheels and composite weapon systems) as well as other advanced material systems. Here Scott gained a unique exposure to extremely high-tech Engineering, Physics, Science, Computer Modeling Tools, and Advanced Testing Capabilities. Scott was the Lead Engineer for the developmental transitions of the composite-cased Precision Lethality Mk82 (BLU-129/B) and the Focused Lethality Munition (GBU-39 A/B) Programs. Both of these programs received numerous awards for rapid demonstration and transition of effective warfighter capability.

Scott was also the Program Manager for a Composites CRADA with Boeing Commercial Airplane Group and NASA. Scott was responsible for characterizing and developing accelerated test methods for the long-term strength and durability of continuous fiber polymer composites for use in advanced supersonic commercial high-speed aircraft structures. This was a $18.5M 5-year effort.  At the height of his career at LLNL, as Director of the Advanced Composite Engineering Facility, Scott decided to pursue an incredibly exciting opportunity to commercialize composite flywheel storage systems.

Scott earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M University (1976-1980), a Master of Science degree in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Tech Polytechnic Institute (1980-1981), and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M University.(1982-1986)

While pursuing his Ph. D. at Texas A&M University, Scott was an assistant professor in the Aerospace Department teaching numerical methods, material science, and aircraft structural analysis. Teaching provided a background of knowledge and personnel interaction skills needed to prepare Scott for an exciting career in Engineering. Scott has authored/co-authored more than 100 publications.