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Threat Detection & Biometric Identification Systems

GTS scientists and engineers have supported research and development and assessment of sensor technologies that rapidly and effectively identify and assess human born threats for more than a decade. In parallel, these scientists have supported the identification, assessment and integration of biometric identification capabilities to support safeguarding of access points from terrorists threats.

Using our expertise in data fusion, our scientists are developing an integrated threat/biometric identification capability to create more effective access security. Rather than reinventing the wheel, GTS integrates state-of-the-art multi-modal threat detection and biometric scanning devices already developed. Integrated biometric and threat detection scanning provides a versatile and powerful tool for defending against asymmetric threats.

-    Allows for more selective scanning
-    Provides more information about each subject
-    Can be used overtly and covertly

The GTS Threat Detection capability was developed using open architecture principles to be easily integrated with other existing biometric scanning capabilities that are currently in use or development.